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What is Private Lease?



Drive with peace of mind thanks to a fixed monthly rent without advance payment, with a full range of services and a single point of contact for everything concerning your car.


For whom is Private Lease designed?

Private Lease is a solution for all individuals searching for a new car, all services included, for a fixed monthly rent: 

  • No age limit
  • The driver only needs to have a valid driver's license 
  • No bonus-malus
  • We arrange all insurances for our clients


Leasing vs buying

Are you not yet fully convinced whether you should lease of buy a car?

Read more and discover the differences between leasing and buying.

Leasing vs buying

Arval Private Lease in 2 minutes

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Which services are included?

A fixed monthly rent with services

Maintenance and repairs

The maintenance and potential repairs of the car are included in your monthly rent.

No worries anymore, we approve the necessary repairs and pay the invoices.

Should the car be immobilised for more than 24 hours, we will provide a relief vehicle.

So you always drive with a car in perfect condition!


Summer and winter tyres

We provide an unlimited amount of summer and winter tyres during the term of your Private Lease contract. 

Twice a year we will send you a message about the change of your tyres, so you can make an appointment at a tyre centre.

So you always drive with the right tyres!


European roadside assistance

A breakdown? An accident?

Call Arval Assistance.

We take care about the repair or towing of your car, 24h/24 et 7d/7, both in Belgium and in Europe.

In case the car is immobilised for more than 24 hours, we will provide a relief vehicle.

So you drive with peace of mind in Belgium and abroad.


In addition to your leasing contract, Arval offers you a number of optional insurances. More information about Arval as an insurance intermediary can be found here

Do you want to know more about our insurances? Read more about our TPL, legal insurance and driver insurance under "Do you want to know more about your contract?"

So you always drive well insured!


Liability for damages

To drive hassle-free, the Perfecta service takes charge of the damage to the vehicle when the driver is at fault, but also in the event of fire, theft and/or vandalism, glass breakage and accidental damage caused by external factors (e.g. natural elements, animals, etc.). 

In case the damage cannot be charged to a known counterparty, you will pay a lump sum ("own risk").

So you will drive hassle-free!

Relief vehicle

Is your car at the garage for repair and has it be immobilised for more than 24 hours?

We will provide you with a relief vehicle (one category lower) as quickly as possible.

And this both in Belgium and Europe.

So you always stay mobile, wherever you are!


Our Private Lease contract

Would you like to know more about our Private Lease contract?

Read more

Why choose Arval Private Lease?

Leasing partner

A trusted leasing partner

We are a leading multinational in the rental business, with more than 70.000 vehicles in Belgium.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

At Arval, you always have the best conditions. You rent safely, responsibly and reliably.

package included

Full service package included

Depending on your needs, your contact person will advise you on the best service package.

1 contact

1 contact person for all your questions

One single contact person is always available to answer all your questions.